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That is the way I was able to win seven lottery game awards … and I visited the Florida lottery office more than 23 times in order to get a bonus that is too big for cashing at a local convenience store That’s why.

Fruit of perfect mathematics captured by numbers,
If you asked me 20 years ago whether I have a “secret” to win the lottery …

Or you know in advance what the winning number is …

I will probably laugh your face and call you a fool.

In other words, I know that some games have to be defeated. It is not only once to win the lottery, but since it’s many times, many of us are millionaires.

Even in the first half of my life, I have not bought a lottery!

Just like everyone else, I dream of winning it. Just like everyone else … I will earn a few dollars here and there, but I have nothing to write.

I have seen lottery jackpots over and over again. Everyone talking about news and work is talking about this issue.

Well, this makes me think “why can not you be me?”

Why can not I win a jackpot like any other person?

This really concentrates on me and keeps it solid.

As Marty McFly said back in the future, if you stick to it, you can do anything.

This is what I absolutely do! I live according to this sentence every day.

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