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Johnson said: Our first thought was skiing, but with three little kids, that was not easy.

This is an upcoming thing, we will see our position on Monday if it is longer than planned.

I spend the weekend with my family and children because there is still a lot to do with the horses at home.

What do children have to do with the pony club on Sundays? My daughter has a basketball game on Saturday, so this is a great change and opportunity to support her.

I prefer to drive in Newbury on the original river, but we do not miss the things to do.

I hope they have a good idea by Monday how long this will take and the safety of the horses starting again.

If you see them running at a gallop and you can not drive on the track, it’s a bit hard to swallow.

At the end of the day, we usually have no opportunity to do that, so we take the opportunity.

All rides are frustrating because I’d rather drive Al Dancer into Newbury.

The children are still in school, so it is difficult to do anything with them and their wives.

I hope I can win the game of golf, but I am very disabled and can not win. These guys are not very good at disability!

I hope the car, as everyone has done, can recover in the UK on Wednesday. I have a painful memory of foot-and-mouth disease in 2001 because it eventually turned into expensive weeks.

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